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Android widget to connect to a Bluetooth A2DP streaming receiver without having to navigate through all the settings menus. Most of this code was leveraged from A2DP Volume. This widget can be placed on a home screen. Once you place it on a screen, a configuration activity will let you select which Bluetooth device would want to associate with the widget. Short click the widget for connect the A2DP device.

This widget was only intended to be a simple connect/disconnect widget. For more advanced options try A2DP Volume:

This version only works on Android 4.1 and below. Another version is available for 4.2.

Download from Play Store here

Here are a few screen shots

We are looking for developers to work on this project. If interested, send a message to the team.

There is also a Tasker plugin that used parts of this project. See the downloads for the APK file and source.

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