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Project Information

0xbench, integrated Android benchmark suite by 0xlab

0xlab integrates a series of benchmarks for Android system into the comprehensive benchmark suite, 0xbench.

Key Feature

  • Full open source. License terms: Apache Software License (primary), CDDL (partial)
  • Comprehensive benchmarking: from system call (bionic) to Android frameworks
  • Community development process: accept open source contributions for benchmark items and reference results


  • C library and system call
  • OpenGL|ES
  • 2D canvas
  • Garbage collection in Dalvik
  • JavaScript engine
For detailed benchmark items, please check wiki: Benchmarks.

Use It

  • Download apk - Search 0xbench (zero-x-bench) on Android Market

  • Check wiki WebService for uploading and browsing the benchmark results.
  • Check wiki Source for source code and build instructions.

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