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Wascana has been discontinued.

MinGW has a new package management system called mingw-get that is being maintained by the MinGW community. I now recommend you use it to manage your MinGW install and have discontinued work on Wascana. CDT will find your MinGW install automatically if you install it into C:\MinGW, add the MinGW bin directory to your PATH, or set the MINGW_HOME environment variable to the install location.

Old text

Wascana is the Eclipse C/C++ IDE for the Windows along with the MinGW GNU toolchain and select open source libraries that can be used to build Windows applications.

To install Wascana, you need the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and the Helios M7 or later Eclipse C/C++ IDE package. From there install the Wascana packages using the Eclipse installer by entering the following repository URL:

Or use the setup executable in the downloads section which takes care of all this for you.

Source code for the packages can be found by following the links on the Source Locations wiki page.

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