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About the MultiProperties

MultiProperties Editor is an Eclipse plugin for editing multiple key-value based files with similar content. This kind of file format can be Properties for example in Java programming language, which is frequently used for backing a ResourceBundle.

However the plugin is not limited to support only Properties files. Instead it stores everything in one XML file, including the list of keys, all of the values, descriptions and meta information. When the editor saves its content into the XML file, it also saves different kind of output files with help of handlers.

Since the handlers are used through standard Eclipse extension point, not just the already available handlers can be used. You can also implement your own handler which produces your own output format, for example you can produce SQL files instead of Properties files.

More about the Available Handlers and Importers.


Latest releases

See all previous releases.


2014-03-24 r269

  •  issue25  "multiline property value with about 500kb text" related to Multi line value support


2014-02-16 r266

  •  issue25  Multi line value support is missing
  •  issue29  Changes for columns properties or descriptions not possible to save!
  •  issue34  Moving up/down records can run out of the visible area


You can download and install the plugin with the Eclipse update manager from the following address.

If you want to produce Properties output files, install MultiProperties Java Handler feature too in addition of core MultiProperties feature.

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