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READ-ONLY: This project has been archived. For more information see this post.
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MercurialEclipse is an Eclipse plugin for the Mercurial (hg) version control system.

Please note: The home of MercurialEclipse is now on bitbucket: Please file bugs on the tracker on that site.

MercurialEclipse was initially developed by Zingo at BitBucket and then by Andrei, Intland and other contributors.

Please read here why this project exists.

This project is forever free and has NO ACCESS RESTRICTIONS, neither to access sourcecode nor to download anything.

To install or update the plugin from Eclipse update manager use these update sites. For stable releases use the stable update site (recommended). To try the bleeding edge (and to help test the plugin) use the development snapshots update site. MercurialEclipse is also available on the Eclipse Marketplace.

Update site
Stable Releases
Development Snapshots

HowTo install MercurialEclipse

HowTo install Mercurial on OSX, Ubuntu, Windows

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