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PIWI is an XML/XSLT Transformation Framework written in PHP. It's basic concepts and ideas have been stolen from the great Java-Applications Apache Cocoon and Apache Forrest. Cocoon is still a great webframework, but very complex and of course in Java, which makes it not useful for people who want the power for their small project, but not the pain. Apache Forrest on the other hand is a publishing framework; powerful too but hard to install and quite complex. PIWI addresses some of the problems. Read more about the differences.

PIWI runs on every standard PHP-Webhost with PHP > 5 installed.

Visit for feature demonstration.

Help wanted

We are really looking for help - esspecially for javascript nerds. If you are such a rare guy and have some sparetime, please help us with implementing a fancy editor for PIWI files :-)

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0.1.0 - Beanfactory Release

  • New: Added Zeta Components for parameter checking
  • New: Included Beanfactory for dependency injection
  • New:  Issue 6 : Refactoring of Site and XMLSite
  • New:  Issue 10 : PIWI Context. Most important objects are wired by DI
  • New: Added support for streaming files
  • New: Included a XmlRoleProvider
  • New: Included role sensitive menu bar generation
  • New:  Issue 32 : Added ! role to show pages only for users who are not authentificated
  • Update: Included Log4PHP 2.0.0 (fixes  issue 28 )
  • Fixed issues: 9, 28-31, 35, 37, 42-45

0.0.9 - Logger Release

  • New: Included log4php
  • New: Added simple text serializer
  • New: Added simple json serializer
  • Fix: Improved form processing
  • Fix: Enhanced exceptionhandling
  • Fixed issues: 5, 7, 8, 11-19, 22, 26, 27

0.0.8 - Refactored Release

  • New: Added ImageNavigationGenerator
  • Fix: Changed some interfaces
  • Fix: Refactored folder structure
  • Fix: Improved user authentication

0.0.7 - Crawler Release

  • New: Wrote crawler to generate static pages
  • Fix: Refactored package structure

0.0.6 - Authentication Release

  • New: Add authentication features (via session and cookies)
  • New: Added support for custom XSLT-Transformation
  • New: Added support for internationalization in generators
  • New: Added serializer for Word and Excel
  • New: Dynamic configuration of Navigation(s) and SiteMapPath in 'config.xml'
  • New: Wrote Unit tests
  • New: Added Ant file
  • Fix: Extract configuration from 'site.xml'

0.0.5 - Forms Framework Release

  • New: Added form framework with validators
  • New: Included html2fpdf as PDF-Serializer
  • New: Implemented Cache-mechanism
  • New: Internationalization: Websites can now have multiple languages

0.0.4 - Documented Release

  • New: Added exception handling and error page
  • New: Added new features: SiteMap, SiteMapPath
  • New: Now differing between Page-, Section-, Navigation and HTML-Generators
  • New: Extracted serializer component out of index.php and added XML-Serializer
  • New: Added connectors for MySQL and MSSQL
  • New: Added XSD-Schemas for all XML-Files (Cache, Generators, Connectors, Site, PiwiXML)
  • New: Added new sample page demonstrating the features of Piwi
  • Fix: Refactored and documented all classes, generated HTML-Documentation
  • Fix: Improved mod_rewrite rule for mapping complete request

0.0.3 - Classloading and Structur Release

  • New: Implemented Classloader and Classloader Cache mechanism
  • New: Started documentation
  • New: Wrote new examples (gallery)
  • New: Added some new useful framework classes which are not necessary for the core
  • Fix: Improved webapp structure for easier updates

0.0.2 - Generator and Connector Release

  • New: Implemented Generators (Components for generating dynamic PIWI-XML)
  • New: Implemented Connectors (Components for connecting to databases and other)

0.0.1 - Proof of Concept Release

  • New: Implemented PIWI-XML and transformation
  • New: Navigation generation from site.xml
  • New: Template mechanism
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